United Gun Owners of New York State

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Our Mission

Full repeal of the New York S.A.F.E. Act for the protection of our 2nd Amendment rights.

Just confirmed from Steve Aldstadt (SCOPE) that the April 1st is the correct date set for the anti-safe act rally in Albany.  That gives everyone 2 months to plan transportation and ask for time off.  Please pass the word around so that every chance we have to make this rally far larger than last year is not overlooked.
The down-state legislators now know we carry a lot more clout than previously thought.  Even people in the gov's office are beginning to see that the under-handed passage of the so called Safe Act was a huge mistake.
There are 6 million gun owners in NY and if just half of us vote in 2014 we will send Uncle Andy into a long term retirement.
Two things-- If Donald Trump runs for gov it looks like a slam dunk loss for Andy.  It Rob Astorino becomes our gov candidate, and if each of us sends him just 5 bucks, we alone can come close to matching Andy's 38 million war chest
Second- ask around to make sure all your friends, family, co-workers, dog walkers, pizza delivery guys are registered voters.  It make no difference what party.    Carry blank voter registration forms and stamped addressed envelopes to local Board of Election Offices. I have the list for every county in NY if you do not know where to send them.  Every club should do this at every meeting and canvas all their members.  Members should intern canvas their own families and friends.  You can be sure that Cuomo and Silver will be organizing scare tactics to get their people to the polls- just like last time.
"There's a reason why in New York Harbor we have the Statue of Liberty, not the Statue of Equality."  Dr. Charles Krauthammer

Current News.

Bury Albany
Please download these Postcards this form letter and this list of Senate & Assembly person addresses. Please print and follow the instructions on this Bury Albany instruction sheet. 

This is a link to the New York State Police SAFE Act FAQ page

For those having problems downloading the postcards try clicking the download link below.